Home Garden Kit

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The Home Garden Kit has everything you need to begin your first organic hydroponic garden.

The kit includes seeds for Beans, Bell Pepper, Corn, Cucumber, Lettuce, Onion, Peas, Radish, and Tomato

There is a tub grower with drain, filled with organic coco fiber.

The coco fiber substrate is used like soil, the seeds are planted in the tub grower.

Each day, the tub is hand watered with nutrient water, water with organic plant food added.This is what makes this system hydroponic, adding plant food to the water supply.

When the seedlings are full size they can be planted in larger growers or soil.

In a month you should have harvestable lettuce and radish, and two months later, organic tomatoes.

The kit includes valuable information resources.

The CDROM Hydroponics and Microfarms includes over 1000 pages of information on growing plants with hydroponics. includes 800 recipes as well as information on provisioning, nutrition and alternative methods of cooking.

Easy-Gro Training Course There are three DVD's of nine videos.

    • Class 1: Introduction to Simplified Hydroponics including organic hydroponics
    • Class 2: Making small hydroponic growers
    • Class 3: Making Large hydroponic growers, substrates and floating beds
    • Class 4: Substrates and soil substitutes in hydroponics
    • Class 5: Inorganic nutrients in hydroponics
    • Class 6: Organic hydroponics, organoponics in Cuba
    • Class 7: Pest Control All organic means to prevent and control pests
    • Class 8: Day to Day Showing chores that are tended to daily and weekly
    • Class 9: Other Products Showing flowers, animal feed and solar greenhouses

Kit Contents

1) CDROM Hydroponics and Microfarms
2) 3 DVD videos with classes 1 through 9
3) 1 8 quart plastic tubs
4) Coco fiber substrate
5) 9 packets of seeds for first trial crops
6) 1 drain fitting for the plastic tubs
7) Printed instructions
8) Organic Hydroponic Nutrient
Cost $59.00

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