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Simple Hydroponics Cookbook CDROM

The Institute for Simplified Hydroponics had created a Cookbook with recipes and nutritional information to help garden owners decide what to grow and how to prepare the garden produce in food.

1. Basic recipes Sauces and Stuffings.
2. Appetizers Beverages, Spreads and Dips and Baked Appetizers.
3. Breakfast Muffins, Scones and Bisquits, omelettes and crepes and much more.
4. Breads Quick breads , yeast breads and rolls.
5. Salads Dressings, meat salads, pasta salads, potato salads and vegetable salads.
6. Soups Fish, meat and vegetable soups.
7. Side Dishes Beans and lentil, vegetable and others.
8. Main Dishes Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pasta, Pork and Vegetable dishes.
9. Special Diet Dishes Acid Reflux dishes and healthy snacks.

Nutrition Information
1. Introduction Many diseases can be prevented by changing diet.
2. Long Term Health Studies A diet of the people of Crete in Greece has many health advantages. The evidence for this is shown from studies over 50 years.
3. Daily Calorie Requirements Each oerson requires a certian amount of calories each day, in proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
4. Daily Carbohydrates Listing of the carbohydrates in common foods and a l=table of glycemic index, and complex carbohydrates.
5. Daily Proteins Lists of proteins and saturated fat content of common foods.
6. Daily Fats Fats is a major problem area in our diet, and this part of the CD gives extensive information on good and bad fats. The most important health gains can be here.
7. Special Diets Information and recipes are provided to help cope with chronic diseases.

Cooking Alternatives
1. A Thermos Cooker A simple thermos can be used to cook rice, make soups, and make yogurt. This section gives recipes and tells how to use the thermos cooker.
2. A Firebox cooker on projects throughout the world using simplified hydroponics to end hunger and poverty.
3. Making a Solar Cooker Plans and instructions for making a solar stove. Use the sun to cook food.

1. Keeping Provisions is important Keeping a six month food supply, or more, is an essential part of maintaining food security for your family.
2. Keeping a Supplies List Inventorying your supplies and knowing expration dates is important.
3. Selecting prepared foods An Excel speadsheet of conversions from engish to metric systems, and over 1000 other useful conversions for engineers.
4. List of provisions for six months A detailed inventory of necessary foods for six month food supply.

Additional Recipe Books
1. Surprisingly Simple Rice Recipes - Simple rice recipes from the Rice Institute.
2. Comfort Foods Rice Recipes Family favorite rice recipes.
3. Award Winning Rice RecipesInternational specialty Rice recipes.
a. Easy Does It Rice Recipes Six very fast and easy rice recipes.
b. Fast and Casual Rice Recipes Seven international favorites.
c. Fast and Fabulous Rice Recipes Some of the best rice recipes in the world.
d. Risotto Rice Recipes Ten of the best risotto recipes.
e. Simply Sensational for the web -Six specialty rice recipes.
f. Whole Grain Rice Recipes Recipes using whole grain rice.

The entire CD is designed as a large website. It can be loaded onto your computer using your web broswer such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. purchase online at the Institute website www.carbon.org.

Cost: $9.95

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Revised: 1 January 2008
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