Medicinal Herb Hydroponic Kit

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Learn to grow medicinal herbs easily at home by creating your own hydroponic herbal garden. Medicinal herbs are most beneficial when picked fresh and used immediately in teas, extracts, and tinctures. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries to help with common ailments. Feverfew may help relieve migraine headaches, Sage for calming nerves, Mint for digestion, Chamomile for restful sleep, and St. John's Wart for lifting mild depression, to name a few. Urban Agriculture© CD-ROM ,Appendix 3.0 Foods in Hydroponics, specifically references 25 herbs with additional Internet reference links.

Begin your first "learn while doing adventure" by experimenting with seeds, nutrients, growing media, and growing container with drain components included in this kit today!

The Medicinal Herb Kit© contains:

  • Hydroponics & Microfarms©, a 500-page CD-ROM, a complete reference for hydroponic science.
  • 12 medicinal herb seed packets.
  • Root, grow, and bloom nutrients, calcium nitrate, and magnesium sulfate for nutrient water.
  • Drain grommet and stem.
  • Growing media in a full sized growing container.

Seeds in Medicial Herb Hydroponic Kit

Chamomile      Mint      Calendula      St. John's Wart     
Dill      Lavender      Lemon Balm      Feverfew
Yarrow      Fennel      Echinacea      Horehound     

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