Scientific Hydroponic Kit

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Design and create your own hydroponic grower and enjoy this "learn while doing adventure"! Experiment with organic and inorganic nutrients. Start seeds in hydroponic growing media and experiment with transplanting starts in various growing media. Create a fish tank filter with hydroponic plants. Create a worm farm to produce organic hydroponic nutrient. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Discover what the possibilities might be! Learn about and use designs for creating your own 16 x 20' hydroponic greenhouse, NASA CELSS for raising hydroponic food in space, a bio-shelter that grows hydroponic food, and a biosphere home that uses solar energy. Conduct experiments designed to teach hydroponic science, which include experiments comparing different types of growing media, growing systems, and plant nutrients.

Begin your first "learn while doing adventure" by experimenting with seeds, nutrients, growing media, and growing container with drain components included in this kit today!

The Hydroponic Science Kit© contains:

  • Growing Hydroponic Food©, a 80-page book with experiments and design projects in Hydroponics.
  • 4 growing media samples with 4 small growing pots for experiments.
  • Root, grow, and bloom nutrients, calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, and organic nutrient for making nutrient water.
  • Variety of vegetable and herb seeds for experimenting.
  • Drain grommets and stems, and nylon netting.
  • Growing media in a full sized growing container.

Kit Contents

1) Growing Hydroponic Food Book
2) Growing bucket
3) Growing media
a) Pumice
b) Perlite
c) Grow Rock
d) Peat Moss
4) Plant Nutrients
a) Grow
b) Root
c) Bloom
5) Organic Nutrient
6) Drain Fitting
7) Measuring spoon
8) Calcium Nitrate
9) Magnesium Sulfate
10) Seeds
11) 4 hydroponic pots
12) Experiment Instructions

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Revised: 15 January 2008
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