The Institute for Simplified Hydroponics has the mission of ending hunger with hydroponic technology. To support these efforts worldwide the Institute has created a nine lesson training course on DVD.

This training course includes the nine 21 minute classes, and a CDROM "hydroponics and Microfarms" containing over 1000 pages of information on hydroponics and microfarming.

This training course includes the following 21 minute DVD videos

    DVD 1
  • Classs 1: Introduction to Simple Hydroponics - Video on simplified hydroponic gardens and how they help produce food and income.
  • Class 2: Making Small Growing Containers - Video on creating hydroponic growing containers out of plastic tubs, old packing crates and other found objects. Instructions on setting up a small container and planting it for seedlings. Canoe growers and hanging bags of black plastic are shown.
  • Class 3: Making Table Growers and Floating Beds - Video on building larger growing containers out of recycled or found materials. Shipping pallets are torn apart, built into table growers and lined with black plastic. Drain holes are cut in and tables are located where they will receiv.e adequate daily sun
    DVD 2
  • Class 4: Substrates Instead of Soil - Video on choosing a substrate to replace soil in the garden. Substrates are shown and a mix of volcanic rocks and rice hulls is used to fill growing containers. Floating bed styrofoam is cut and made into floating beds for lettuce, celery and basil.
  • Class 5: Nutrients in Hydroponics - Video on how inorganic nutrients work in hydroponics with explanations of what happens when the nutrient is not mixed properly. Nutrient deficiencies are discussed.
  • Class 6: Organic Hydroponics - Video on organoponics in Cuba, hydroponics using compost as the substrate and worm castings for the nutrients.
    DVD 3
  • Class 7: Pest Control- Video describing how to use organic methods to control pests and diseases in a garden.
  • Class 8: Day to Day Management - Video showing the daily chores in operating a simplified home garden. Container for water are discussed, aas well as daily watering, pest control, starting seeds, transplanting, pruning and pollination.
  • Class 9: Other Products, Food for Animals - Video showing products such as flowers can be grown in hydroponics. Growing fodder for animals, building materials or craft materials are shown. Solar greenhouoses to produce food in water are shown as well as shelters that grow plants and animals together.

The entire CD is designed as a large website. It can be loaded onto your computer using your web broswer such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. The links make searching the CDROM very easy. Each plant is hot linked to the possible diseases and insects that might attack it. This CD will be used to support efforts worldwide to use hydroponics and microfarming to people in need. That is one out of six of the people on the earth.

Cost: $39.95

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Revised: Oct 14,2011
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