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Hugo Chavez Prize

The International Institute of Simplified Hydroponics announces an annual prize for the best simplified hydroponics project.

Hugo Chavez was the colorful and controversial President of Venezuela from 1999 until his death in 2013.

Chavez embraced the technology of simplified hydroponics, both with inorganic nutrients and organic methods such as Cuban organoponics.

Cuba produces half of its fresh vegetables with organoponics,so Chavez announced the goal of producing 20% of Venezuela's fresh foods using simplified hydroponics. He supported and helped over 100,000 familes begin their own home gardens.

The Chavez prize is now offered in his honor as a method to help keep his energy alive and the expansion of the technology to those in need.

Any project that has been effective in helping people begin their own gardens is elgible to apply. Some applications will be published to the web to inspire others.

US Embassy report on Urban Agriculture in Venezuela inEnglish

Basic Instructions on microgardens in Venezuela (in Spanish)

APORREA report on Venezuela's small gardens Government report on progress in spanish from August 8,2012

A poster on the gardens in Venezuela (in spanish)

Audio Visual Course on Simplified Hydroponics by Cesar Marulanda (in spanish).
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