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Titus Mandle Sithole


To obtain support, financial and technical, that will enable me to use my passion for community projects and social enterprise, skills, educational background and ability to work well with people, in implementing my organizational vision to create income generation activities for Swazi poor teenage subsistence farmers heading families due to HIV/AIDS related deaths. Hence reducing hunger, dependency of food aid and high food prices in the Kingdom of Swaziland significantly.


Bachelor of Science (University of South Africa (UNISA): 2012 – Currently Studying)
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
(Currently, I am a part time student at University of South Africa)

Secondary Teacher’s Diploma (University of Swaziland: May 2006)
Mathematics and Integrated Science

International General Certificate of Education (Ka-Schiele High School 1996 – 2000)

Credits: English (2nd Language), SiSwati, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, Geography and Accounts

Other Short Courses/Programs
Business Administration Certificate (Techno Serve Swaziland – 2009)
Project Management Certificate (IDM Swaziland – 2010)
Google Power Search Certificate ( October 2012)
IDCL Computer Literary Certificate (2008 – 2009)


Teaching Service Commission – Lusoti High School
Job Title: Mathematics and Science Teacher (2007 – Present)
(Lusoti Village, Simunye L301, Swaziland)

Job Description:

I am responsible for preparing scheme for my daily lessons, teaching my Mathematics and Science students, setting examinations and tests, marking their scripts.

As a class guidance teacher, I am also responsible for guiding students on career choice, counseling students on a variety of social and educational issues including HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, drugs to name a few.


In 2012, I was responsible for mentoring the Science in Action Award Winners competition, part of the Google Science Fair 2012 competition held in California USA in July 2012.

Junior Achievement Mentor (Volunteer) (2009 – Present)

Job Responsibilities:

I am a volunteer, facilitator and patron teacher of Junior Achievement clubs programs in two local school, my school Lusoti High School and a sister school Ngomane High School.

Programs facilitated to date are: Economic for Success; Junior Achievement Mini Company Club and Junior Achievement Job Shadow program.


I lead the first and second Junior Achievement Mini Company from Swaziland to win the National and the African Regional Junior Achievement Mini Company Competition held in Nairobi, Kenya and Accra, Ghana in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Currently I am a Junior Achievement Swaziland Ambassador, responsible for recruiting and training volunteers to facilitate Junior Achievements programs in Swaziland schools.

The International Award for Youth Mentor (Volunteer) (2008 – 2010)

Job Responsibilities:

Volunteer and facilitator of the Prince Makhosini Award Club programs in two Local School, i.e. Lusoti High School and Ngomane High School.

Programs that I facilitated between 2008 and 2010 are; Life skills for youth in community; International Award Adventurous Journey for Youth and Physical Education.


In 2010 I lead the first team of 3 girls and 5 boys aged 16 to 18, to climb the Drakensberg, Amphele Theater Mountain, an adventurous journey of 5 days 4 nights. The team was awarded a Gold Medal under the International Award for Youth Award Program.

Co-Founder, Director and Volunteer (Part Time) (2011 – Present)

About Eco Eagle:

Founded 14 students and I in 2011, my organization adapted the Unique Simplified Hydroponic Program (Science in Action Winner’s Project) into a unique 12 months training and mentoring program for poor young Swazi Subsistence farmers living in rural villages of Swaziland. The program (activities) involves recruiting, training and mentoring destitute and responsible children headed families from different villages. These young farmers are trained on five unique and innovative life skills modules: Unique Simplified Hydroponic Methods; local and international standards; sales and marketing products ; budgeting and bookkeeping and computer literacy and internet.

Job Responsibilities: Coordinate all organizational activities including but not limited to;
Planning and controlling organization activities,
Recruits, manage and motivating volunteers to improve performances,
Chair meeting and lead in decision making and solve problems as a team,
To manage the overall operation of the organization,
Preparing a marketing plan, planning and control sales, maintaining sales records,
Planning and controlling the project finances, monitoring expenses and income,


I am a self-motivated person, an avid teacher, I have a good written and verbal presentation. I am able to get along well with co-workers while accepting supervision. I am very flexible, willing to try new things driven to learn and understand. I have never outgrown the “why” phase. Concerned with quality, and ensure tasks are completed correctly in time. Throughout my life have worked long hours in strenuous voluntary activities, while employed full time. I am reliable, excellent in attending record, while handled cash for community projects frequently. Since I graduated at college I have never stop studying life skill programs not for job opportunities but to develop my skills so I may be a useful subject in my community. Up to date, I have participated and awarded certificated in a number of programs and short course including:
Google Power Search Certificate (2012)
IDCL Computer Literary Certificate (2008 – 2009)
Attended and participated in Project Management Skills Program by IBM Swaziland in 2009
International Award Program: Training of Trainer’s Workshops (2008, 2009 and 2010)
Technoserve SME’s Program (Called “Believe, Begin, Become”) in 2009


Mrs. Jean Mwenda
Executive Director
Junior Achievement Swaziland
MITC Lulote Building, Manzini M200, Swaziland
Tel: 00268 2505 6504
Cell: +268 7602 6570
Email: jean@jaswaziland.org

Mr. TS Masuku
The Head Teacher
Lusoti High School
Lusoti Village, Simunye L301, Swaziland
Tel: 00268 2383 8177
Cell: +268 7603 0769
Email. lusotihs@swazi.net