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13. Plants from Leaf Cuttings


  1. Hyacinth leaves
  2. African Violet leaves
  3. Knife or scissors
  4. Hydroponic tub with sand media


Some plants will produce new plants from their leaves, or roots will grow from parts of the plant that do not normally produce roots..

Students work in groups and cut a hyacinth leaf from a plant.

The leaf is cut from the plant, and slashed at a point where the large veins unite.

The leaf can be cut in several points.

The cut leaves are placed in th sand media, making sure that the cut places are right next to the sand.

Gloxinia leaves will produce small tubers that can be dried and replanted.

Try leaves from other plants in the mother plant tubes and see if any produce roots.

Draw the leaves that produced roots.

Revised: 1 May 2016
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