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19. Hydroponics and nutrition

We talked about hunger on the earth. How can hydroponics help?

Many people, even some who have enough to eat, do not get proper foods or proper amounts of food every day.

We teach that there is a food pyramid. This means we eat less of the types of foods listed at the top of the pyramid and more of those listed at the bottom.

This is a food pyramid designed for people who eat meat and fish.

This is a food pyramid for vegetarians or people who do not eat meat.

In the United States, only about 3% of the people, or 3 out of 100 are vegetarian. But the young people are changing and now about 10% of the young Americans are vegetarian.

Around the world, most people who do not have enough to eat are vegetarian.

A person who eats only vegetables and grains must mix their foods each day to obtain a balanced diet.

Hydroponics can help people to grow their own food.

Many of the people who are hunger only obtain a cup of rice a day. They usually cannot arrord to buy fresh vegetables.

When we set up hydroponic growers, we can grow vegetables for just the costs of the nutrients. We can grow about $400.00 worth of vegetables for about $4.00 of nutrients.

Hydroponica Survival Garden

When we play hydroponica we are playing to set up a survival garden. This garden should have enough plants, and enbough space to keep a child alive.

Look again at the pieces that are required for a survival garden. They are:

1. A water supply - in order to have a garden there must be water. So to build a hydroponic garden there will have to be a supply of clean water nearby.

2. Three corn growers - these growers are three foot wide and six foot long. Each grows enough corn to provide about 100 ears of corn every 60 days.

3. Two bean growers - the bean growers are also three foot wide and six foot long. Each grows enough beans to provide about 8 cups of beans every 30 days.

4. One salad grower - this 3 by 6 foot grower is used to grow salad vegetables such as lettuce.

5. One root vegetable grower - this 3 by 6 foot grower is used for onions, carrots and potatoes.

6. One fish pond - the fish pond is used to raise fish. The fish water can then be used for hydroponic nutrient water.

7. One worm farm - the worm farm produces hydroponic nutrient for the plants.

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