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6. See how environment can determine how well plants grow and survive

Plant Shade Experiment

Some plants like more sun than others. Wheat and corn are two plants that like a lot of sun. Both plants can survive long hot days of summer.

Draw a wheat plant. How does its shape help it survive in the hot sun?

Draw a corn plant. How does its shape help it survive in the hot sun?

A plant sweats just like a person does. When it gets very hot, the water in the plant evaporates to cool he plant.

Notes for the teacher:
This experiment is an opportunity to meet the objectives of the Oregon Third Grade Science objective of

1.Ask questions about objects, organisms, and events that are based on observations and can be explored through simple investigations.

2. Plan a simple investigation.

3. Collect data from an investigation.

4. Use the data collected from an investigation to explain the results.

The method to use with this experiment is to encourage the students to ask their own questions about light. Once the questions are asked then the scientific process can be used to design an experiment.

Revised: 1 May 2016
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