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Activity 1. Building a Hydroponic Grower

Finding a Growing Container

A container can be almost anythng that could hold water.

Plastic beverage containers are repurposed to become seedling growers.

For growing larger plants things like plastic storage containers work well. Larger plants will need more room for their roots.

Larger 10 gallon storage containers work for larger plants like tomato.

We may have things that we throw away that can be used as hydroponic containers to start seedlings.

two minute video shwing things that can be used as containers

For use first hydroponic grower, we find something tht is normally discarded to use.

CAUTION For a container, it is important to have something that contained food, or a beverage before. Some containers had gasoline, or even a pesticde used to kill insects. These type of things must never be used for a hydroponic container because there could be residues, or something remianing in the container that can harm the plants grown, or even us if we eat the plant.

Once the bottles are cut to make containers, they can be filled with substrate and seeds will be planted.

For our first experiment we will make at least one pop bottle grower by cutting the side out of ma bottle with scissors or a knife.

Once the grower is made we will fill it with dirt. Once filled with dirt we add seeds. Video Class on making small growing containers

Revised: 1 May 2021
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