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Unit 3. Part (D). Experiment 7

Thinning and Transplanting

Most seeds have enough nutrients in their seed to last a week or two. After that they must get there nutrient from the outside environment. In hydroponics nutrients are supplied in the water. When the roots are kept warm, (from 68 to 72 ° F) it is easier for seedlings to take up nutrients from the water.

When a seedling is 2 to 3 inches tall, it is ready for transplanting into a larger container. A hydroponic grower can be created for the seedlings that will provide adequate root room for them to mature and produce food.

There are many types of containers that can be used for growing plants. Experiment 1 provides information on constructing a simple grower.

Transplanting a seedling can be very stressful for a plant. Gently and carefully remove the plant, taking care not to damage the roots while moving it.

Some plants such as corn, snow peas and carrots do not transplant well, and they should be started from seed in containers that they would keep throughout their lives.

A seedling, when transplanted into a bigger growing unit, is stressed at first. In most cases, it will help the plant survive if you spray it with nutrient water. The plant can also absorb nutrients through its leaves, as well as its roots, so the leaves can keep the plant nourished until the roots get settled.

1. Prepare a grower as shown in Experiment 1.

2. Gently remove seedlings from a seedling tray and plant in the grower, taking care to ensure the roots are under growing media and the plant is secured in the grower.

3. Fill the grower with nutrient water until it starts coming out of the drain hole, carefully pouring nutrient water on the roots of the transplanted seedlings every day.

Observe and record data about your plant, including illustrations

Note what findings you observed, draw an illustration of the plant after you have transplanted it into a larger container with growing media.

Inspect, observe and record data about the plant's condition. Once the plant taken to the new growing media, draw an illustration of its appearance. Continue weekly observations and data recording during the entire life cycle of the plant.


Inspect, observe and record data about the plant's condition. Once the plant has been transplanted into the new container of growing media, include an illustration of its appearance and begin recording on Day 1.

Day Transplanted: _______________


Day 2: __________________


Day 4: __________________


Day 7: __________________


Day 10: __________________


Day 14: _________________


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