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What is Hydroponica

[A picture of the Biodome]

Hydroponica is a home that also grows food. It is in a dome which is 50 foot wide and 25 feet tall.

Hydroponica is built in a special dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. The structure is made of fiberglass and has very large windows. It can serve as a home and as a greenhouse to grow plants.

[A picture of the Fly's Eye Dome]

Buckminster Fuller at his Fly's Eye Dome in 1972.

The Fly's Eye Dome is used as the basic design for the outside structure of Hydroponica. Inside the plan is to include a lot of space for growing plants. [A floorplan of Hydroponica]

The bottom floor of Hydroponica has growing space for growing fresh vegetables and corn. [A floorplan of Hydroponica]

The top floor of Hydroponica includes growing space for quinoa..

Living in Hydroponica means that your food is growing in your home with you. All the food is fresh every day, just picked from the vine.

Your first task is to think about the foods that you would like to grow every day, and design your own Hydroponica.

Revised: 1 May 2021
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