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Unit 6 Part (D). Bivalvia - A Family Greenhouse

People of the future may live in specially designed biosphere homes. The members of the family may grow some of their own food in the home.

The task in this unit is to design your own biosphere home. This home should grow some food with hydroponics.

The home should also include a fish tank. The fish tank water can be used to provide plant food for the hydroponic plants. It will work somewhat like the Egyptian Garden in the Ancient Cultures section of this class.

The biosphere home should have hydroponic units throughout the home. Try to find new places, and new uses for growing hydroponic plants.

As you work, you might want to peak at the already designed biosphere home in this unit. Or, when you finish your model, you might want to compare it to the biosphere home.

If you have time after you have completed your biosphere home, you might want to model Rising Sun, the biosphere home in this unit. Drawings and plans are in this unit to help you understand the home.

As you work, you may have questions about this home. Be sure to write down your questions, or tell your teacher. You might want to see if you can find the answers to your questions. If you have time, build another model of the homeless shelter in the unit. There are a series of drawings to help you understand the shelter.

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