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Session 13 Economic Profits from the Garden

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The microgarden uses hydroponics to grow plants very rapidly. On average the plants grow and produce four times what they would do in soil.

As a general rule, each square meter of growing space can produce about 250 grams (1/2 pound) of food a day for wet vegetables such as tomato and lettuce and about 125 grams (1/4 pound) for root vegetables or slower growing crops.

A food basket for the family should be from one to two kilograms of food a day per person.

A single bed grower of one square meter should produce one head of lettuce every day, or one medium sized onion. If you want to grow 20 lettuce every day you will need 20 m2 or 20 bed growers.

Most people grow food for their families as well as some food to sell in the market. Your hydroponic produce can be the very best looking produce sold anywhere.

We recommend that a minimum family garden should be 40m2 of growing space, enough to grow 40 head of lettuce every day.

The garden should produce from $3.00 to $10.00 in income every day, enough to trade for beans, rice, corn and other foods for the family.

After the garden is big enough to supply daily food it can be expanded to earn more income, be able to pay for other things the family requires.

Revised: 1 May 2016
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