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Session 12 Daily Management Lesson Plan

OVERVIEW: The garden requires work every day to keep everything in production. Successful garden owners are diligent and organized in their efforts to keep the plants healthy and productive. Daily labor is about one hour for every 10 square meters.

PURPOSE: To know what is required in every day work in the garden.


  1. Understand what daily chores must be performed in the garden
  2. Know how to aerate a floating bed, water a substrate bed
  3. Understand how to mix hydroponic nutrients for the garden

RESOURCES/MATERIALS: In the practical the students work in the garden doing the daily chores. Each practices watering, aerating, inspecting for insects, harvesting and sparying with garlic spray.

Day to Day
Sprays for insects and diseases


  1. Present the slides for daily management
  2. Take time for questions from the students or comments
  3. Do a practical with the students doing daily chores in the garden.
  4. Meet for a review of the material

Slide Shows

  • 1. Watering the Garden
  • 2. Harvesting the produce
  • 3. Insect and Disease Inspection and Prevention
  • 4. Reseeding and transplanting seedlings
  • TYING IT TOGETHER: At the end of the session, the student should be able to understand what is needed in labor every day to have a successful garden

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