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Session 14 Cooking and Consuming the Production Lesson plan

OVERVIEW: In this session the student should learn how to cook the foods produced in the garden and how to use a solar cooker.

PURPOSE: To be able to plan meals from the garden and use a solar cooker.


  1. Know what foods the garden can produce
  2. Know how to use those vegetables in meals
  3. Be able to cook those meals in a solar cooker

RESOURCES/MATERIALS: In the practical students pick foods from the garden or have vegetables available that they cut up and place in a solar cooker. They learn to orient the solar cooker towards the sun and how it works.

A Solar Cooker
Milk Pasteurization


  1. Present the slides for cooking and solar cooking
  2. Take time for questions from the students or comments
  3. Do a practical with the students cutting up foods and placing in a solar cooker
  4. Meet for a review of the material

Slide Shows

  • 1. Expected daily production of the garden
  • 2. Better Diet for Health
  • 3. Cooking produce from the garden
  • 4. Solar Stove to cook food
  • TYING IT TOGETHER: At the end of the session, the student should be able to understand how daily garden produce works and how to use a solar cooker

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