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Welcome to our India Project!

ISH International is partnering with India's Pet Bhuro project to bring simplified hydroponics to India.

The Pet Bhuro Project (Pet Bhuro means full belly), is a start up project in Bangalore India that has nearly completed the f phaseirst stage of a country wide project.

Starting in December of 2008, the Pet Bhuro project has already set up the first demonstration garden at a homeless shelter in Bangalore, India.

In January and February of 2009, two international experts from IISH were invited to set up training courses in India. Five classes were held and 100 people were taught Simplified Hydroponics in a three day training course. Sixty five people received Master Trainer Certificates from the India ISH.

The next step is to train another 200 Master Trainers, and then set up regional ISH centers across the country. A basic proposal concept is included in this draft paper.

The next step is to stepe next

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