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Tiny House that Grows it's own Food

We have completed our prototype tiny house in Fair Play Missouri. This demonstration project is a first attempt to design a small house that grows its own food.

The small house has a similar footprint to beginning homes for many people.

The Tiny house is a two story structure with top and bottom floors 10 feet by 11 feet. The top portion of the tiny house has slanted walls due to roof slope, so both sides the walls are only four foot tall. The interior has been set up with a workspace or counter spanning the one wall. This space can be used for any craft and our case is used to do the video editing for the non-profit. The walls and ceiling are covered with carpet to deaden sound for the audio production.

The other side of the tiny house is a daybed which serves as a couch or seating area during the day and a sleeping space at night. There is storage space around the day bed for clothing and personal items. The space is designed for an intern at our Institute.

The bottom floor is a small space of 10 by 11 feet. It includes a seating area, a dining table that folds up against a cupboard and a kitchen area.

The sideboard is designed like a gypsy wagon. The table folds down showing the cabinet behind. The side chairs become a dining area.

The couch is opposite the dining table and chairs.

The kitchen area is on the bottom floor and includes basic cooking facilities with an induction cooker, a toaster oven and a refrigerator. Water is stored on the counter and dishwashing is outside.

The outside of the tiny house has three growing areas. The top balcony of the second floor has great sunspace during the day. In this area we grow basil and peppers. A single red pepper a day will have enough vitamin C for the daily requirement.

The second growing area is a 7 by 8 foot lean-to greenhouse located on the south facing side of tiny house. This small greenhouse is large enough to keep production of salad vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce, etc through the year.

The third growing area is the western facing or back of the house. This is built as a patio from rubble and shipping pallets. The pallet patio is 12 by 16 foot and has several growing area.

The pallet patio includes two floating beds for lettuce and basil.

There is also a vetical grower that packs a lot of growing in a small footprint.


Gardens for Sichuan - A brief pdf file describing the possible project for Sichuan including microgardens and solar greenhouses to provide heat and shelter.

Article on solar greenhouses - describes the solar greenhouses of El Alto Bolivia.

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